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Our Story

Innovating at the Intersection of Utility and Connection

Founded in 2018, FUZE Technology was founded with a vision to revolutionize the world of hardware through innovative products and solutions. In an era defined by the sharing economy, where e-bikes and scooters have become ubiquitous, FUZE identified a unique opportunity to adapt this model to a different, yet equally vital utility: mobile charging. Thus, chargeFUZE was born, rapidly evolving to become a leader in providing cutting-edge charging solutions for consumers on the go.

The scope of innovation extends beyond just utility; it encompasses the way brands interact with consumers in our increasingly connected world. Seizing the opportunity to merge utility with engagement, we ventured into the realm of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising and Connected TV (CTV). FUZE Technology launched adFUZE in Q4 2023, marking our expansion into a domain where advertising meets utility, creating a seamless blend of consumer engagement and brand messaging.

Whether it's ensuring devices are charged and ready, or transforming how brands connect with their audience, FUZE Technology stands at the forefront, redefining the intersection of convenience, connectivity, and innovation.

As we grow, our commitment remains steadfast to pioneering solutions that not only cater to immediate needs but also anticipate and shape future trends. With a team passionately dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, FUZE Technology is more than just a company; it's a catalyst for change in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

The evolution of FUZE Technology

From Concept to Global Leader

January 2018
The Inception of FUZE Technology
FUZE Technology is founded, embarking on a mission to introduce innovative IoT hardware and software to the global market.
August 2018
Launch of chargeFUZE
Identifying a gap in the mobile charging market, FUZE Technology introduces chargeFUZE, a novel solution catering to the needs of consumers on-the-go.
National Expansion and Growth
chargeFUZE rapidly grows, establishing itself as a leader in mobile charging solutions, expanding its reach and refining its technology.
October 2023 
Introduction of adFUZE
FUZE Technology diversifies into digital out-of-home advertising and Connected TV with the launch of adFUZE, merging utility with consumer engagement.
Pioneering the Future
FUZE Technology continues its journey, innovating and exploring new frontiers in IoT, with a commitment to enhance connectivity and user experiences globally.
Our team


Introducing the team driving the future of innovative IoT and digital media
Brandon Afari
Co-Founder & CEO
C.P.A. | M.B.T.
Ex-Deloitte and former COO and Partner at National Packaging Products. A seasoned leader in strategic development and financial oversight.
Ryan Levy
Co-Founder & President
Business development expert with extensive experience in fostering enterprise relationships and spearheading growth initiatives.
Sierra Bloodgood
Chief Growth Officer
Founder and Partner at Guinn Partners and former CMO and CEO of Brewbike with over 10 years of leadership experience in sales, customer success, and growth marketing. 
Chan Nguyen
Lead engineer in Bird Global and ZipRecruiter's IPOs. Over 17 years of software architecture expertise, specializing in scalable technology solutions.
Sean Carrigan
SVP of Business Development
Founder and CEO of MobileQubes, former SVP at adverCAR OOH and CR Media, and a former Director at Dow Jones & Co., bringing a wealth of experience in business development and strategic partnerships.
Joel Martin
SVP of Programmatic Media
Extensive background in DOOH ad networks, MicroMobility, and experiential tech sales with over 15 years in sales leadership roles.
Alec Shuman
SVP of Sales
Established sales leader bringing a wealth of B2B sales experience and expertise from multiple tech startups in the US and Europe.
Duong Thien Duc
VP of Engineering
Engineering executive from EPAM and FSoft with over 15 years of experience in backend development and infrastructure solutions.
Khoa Tran
Director of Engineering
Previously at FPT Software, engineering leader with a strong foundation in software development and project management spanning 15 years.
Courtney Babbin
Director of Events
A seasoned event producer, with a specialization in brand experiences, event operations, and marketing to orchestrate the entire event lifecycle.
Russell Dean
VP of Finance
Financial strategist with experience as CFO for top creative and media agencies. Specific expertise in financial management, human resources, and transaction structuring and negotiations.
Shonari Smith
VP of Operations
Over twelve years of experience in process improvement, project management and business operations with a strong focus on customer experience.
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